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Parent & Carer Feedback

Currently facing the financial times we are in, these camps have taken a lot of financial pressure off my family. My daughter has been able to attend the camps free of charge for 2 days per week which she has thoroughly enjoyed.

School holidays are long and there is a lot of them. Those who work are not normally entitled to anything and occupying your children as well as work is quite difficult. These camps are great to break up the children’s days/weeks off school.

Yes, it gave the children something to do. It also brought children together where some may hardly have any friends to play with during the holidays and in a safe and controlled environment.

Great camp, both my boys enjoyed it, made new friends and learnt something new. It was great tat they could attend something like this when money is really tight. The organisers were great, very friendly and my 2 boys were over the moon they attended.

These summer camps have helped my child massively, he doesn’t listen to instructions but has started to develop this and has realised if he does then he can achieve more.

Amazing camp for kids. The team are fantastic.

My child had a brilliant time and felt included, he usually struggles socially, and I found the team very compassionate and supportive.

My boys have immensely enjoyed camps and all the coaches have been approachable and understanding. I love that they have had somewhere to go giving them some structure along the way. Thank You

Great camp, my son really enjoyed it. Would be nice to see this offered at other clubs.

Great opportunity to try new sports. Increased awareness of local facilities. Increased confidence and self esteem.

I think it’s very important for the children to have something fun and social to do during the holidays especially as money is very tight at the moment for all.

The camp had a very good impact on my son. He learnt how to make  friends a bit easier and to communicate with adults better. It also gave him a break from his busy and hectic family life.

My child benefits greatly from Cricket. Her confidence is growing, her physical health is improving and she has benefited greatly from making new friends and being part of a team.

Amazing coaches that have supported my son in his love and passion for cricket.

She gained so much confidence in herself and socially. She now has a pen pal from your group as that is how they have chosen to communicate. My daughter is severely dyslexic so the fact that she’s met a friend that she wants to have as a pen pal to improve her skills is absolutely massive for my girl. She may not be great at sport but has thoroughly enjoyed the experience & would love to continue. I believe that’s due to the adults and kids she’s been interacting with. She’s thoroughly enjoyed her time at the club and as her Mammy, it’s been lovely to hear her stories of happy times spent. It’s done her wonders. Thank you so very much for this opportunity for my daughter.

Excellent offering, thank you very much for the generosity of the organisers and funders for this.

Great effort by the club organising the camo and would like to see the same next summer. Great way to have positive impact in community to get the kids in the ground and have some physical activity and surely some of them are going to pick Cricket as their main sport. Well done South Shields Cricket Club.

The boys loved the camp so much great experience and getting to have fun with other kids. Thank you for the great days and hope for more.

Thank you, without this club I would not have been able to work and my son has made some amazing friendships. 

Amazing coaches that have supported my son in his love and passion for Cricket.

Helped my daughter to come out of our comfort zone and make a wide variety of friends. She was always made to feel included by the coaches who did a great job.

It enabled my daughter to spend time with other children in the outdoors being physically active. She does not get much child contact outside of school so this was a great opportunity for her to mix. She loves to be outside and active so this was very welcome alternative to a holiday club. Thank you.